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Dirt Road
Dirt Road
Dirt Road
Dirt Road
Dirt Road
Dirt Road
Dirt Road
Dirt Road
Dirt Road
Dirt Road
Dirt Road
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SMALL 14 x 11" 35 x 28cm
MEDIUM 30 x 20" 76 x 50cm
LARGE 48 x 32" 121 x 81cm
EXTRA LARGE 66 x 44" 167 x 111cm
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Oak Framing
Choose Your Print Size LARGE 48 x 32" 121 x 81cm
Framing Option
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Style Notes

Framing Service

I work with a local
professional art framer to finish your new photographic print in my
signature style - unstained Tasmanian Oak with a traditional mat board*.

The frame is finished with a natural beeswax to give a beautiful matt appearance and to preserve the wood.

Lightweight museum grade
acrylic is used to ensure that your framed artwork is installed easily
and does not require a professional hanging service.

Once you have received your framed artwork, it is ready to hang.

*Please note: My Extra Large sized prints are printed edge to edge and are framed without a mat board.


Please allow 28 days for
delivery. Your artwork is printed to order and personally signed by Kara
in her studio before being delivered to the art framer to be custom
framed and finished. It is then shipped securely in a custom-made wooden
travel box to ensure its safe delivery to your address.


The dimensions below refer to the finished size of the framed artwork.

  • Print Size: 28 x 35cm
  • Framed Size: 44 x 52.8cm 

  • Print Size: 50 x 76cm
  • Framed Size: 73 x 98cm 

  • Print Size: 81 x 121cm 
  • Framed Size: 103.5 x 144cm 

  • Print Size: 111 x 167cm
  • Framed Size: 113.8 x 169.8cm
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